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Co-Parenting Therapy Services

What Is Co-Parenting and Why Is It Important?

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Co-Parenting therapy has the goal to help divorced or separated parents work collaboratively to make decisions whether large or small for the benefit of their children.

This type of therapy is helpful for parents who are having a hard time finding common ground, communicating, or making routine decisions for the benefit of their child(ren).

Whether parents are unmarried, separated, or divorced, working collaboratively to make decisions for your children can be an important factor in their development, feelings of security, and behavior.

For parents who are married and contemplating divorce or who have started the process of separating though, you may not wish to have anything to do with your co-parent. You may have feelings of anger, bitterness, and resentment towards the other parent. However, your child likely does not share your feelings, and harsh words or other behaviors directed towards your co-parent are likely to hurt your child’s feelings or make them feel protective of the other parent.

While studies suggest that co-parents’ previous relationship history with each other may impact their ability to co-parent, studies also suggest that high conflict and discord between parents may be a risk factor for negative outcomes in a child’s life. We know that a significant protective factor for children to buffer the negative effects of divorce is parents’ ability to work together to maintain positive relationships with each other and their child(ren). We can help! Your child deserves their best chance for positive outcomes.

We Can Help with Co-Parenting

We offer virtual sessions for co-parents who are concerned about meeting in-person with their co-parent or who need convenience of meeting during a work day. You and your co-parent can work with one of WFP’s experienced clinicians on issues affecting children's daily lives like consistent meal and bedtimes, discipline methods, potty training or other developmental goals, sports and extracurricular activities, screen time and limits, and medical/health decisions. In addition, parents can seek consultation on issues such as integrating a new partner into the child’s life or navigating issues related to step-parents. While you may have philosophical differences that affect your decisions for your child, an experienced therapist can help you want to address those differences

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