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Court-Involved Assessment Services

What Is a Court-Involved Assessment?

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Parents or individuals who are involved in a custody dispute or other legal matter may need to, or be required to, submit to a psychological evaluation to identify their current psychological, personality, cognitive, or emotional functioning. For example: A parent may be required to submit to a substance use evaluation to determine if they have any substance-related issues that may impact their ability to care for themselves or their child.

Why Does WFP Offer Specific Assessments for Individuals Who Are Court-Involved?

WFP has a reputation in the community for providing quality forensic services to families and individuals who may find themselves involved in family court. To meet the needs of the families who have trusted WFP for its forensic needs, WFP has tailored evaluation services that in its experience can address common questions courts and judges may wish to have answered about the families that are seeking judicial intervention.

How Does WFP’s Court-Involved Asessment Differ From Its Other Testing / Evaluation Services?

While there are some similarities between WFP’s court-involved testing/evaluation and other testing/evaluation packages, WFP’s court-involved testing/evaluation packages are tailored with value added benefit such as forensic interviewing, collateral contacts, review of measures, contacts with attorneys/or other persons who can share substantive information as well as psychological measures commonly uses in forensic settings.

What Type of Court-Involved Assessment Does WFP Offer?

This is a brief overview of WFP court-involved/testing evaluations. There are full descriptions of these assessment packages in WFP’s Evaluation form.

  • Child Custody Evaluations: A comprehensive evaluation of each parent/legal guardians’ household with detailed recommendations and parenting plan that speaks to the best interest of the child.
  • Basic Court Involved (or Ordered) Psychological Evaluation: This comprehensive psychological evaluation includes emotional and personality testing and provides in-depth information regarding an individual’s functioning in both areas.
  • Parental Capacity Evaluations: A comprehensive evaluation of a parent/legal guardian based on specific referral questions about the parent/legal guardian’s ability to care for their child. This evaluation may be used to evaluate a parent’s likelihood or risk for abuse or neglect.
  • Court Involved Substance Abuse Evaluation: WFP’s Substance Abuse testing package aims to provide an in-depth evaluation of an individual’s current functioning when substance abuse, dependence, or intoxication is suspected or implicated.

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How Do I Know Whether I Need a Forensic Assessment or a Traditional Testing Package?

A general rule of thumb is, if you plan on presenting your evaluation in court or to your attorney then you would do best to choose one of WFP’s forensic assessment packages.

How We Can Help with Court-Involved Assessments

WFP’s court ordered (or involved) evaluations have a stellar reputation with judges, attorneys, and courts throughout NC. Per your request, WFP clinician’s can meet with your attorney upon completion of the evaluation report to review and discuss report findings and recommendations . The clinician who conducted your evaluation is also available to testify in court and present their findings and conclusions.

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