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Forensic Expert Services

Forensic Expert Consultation or Evaluation for Litigation

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WFP Professionals are often retained by attorneys or clients to provide review, consultation, and testimony on a variety of issues. For example, we have collaborated with attorneys and families to provide expert opinion and recommendations on issues such as parental alienation, custody, psychological fitness of parents, parenting, medical malpractice (impact on mental health and development), best practice/ethical standards of mental health professionals, motor vehicle accidents, medical malpractice, hospital and/or treatment center malpractice, daycare or school litigation, dog bites, abuse/neglect, developmental disorders, and impacts of serious mental health disorders.

How Do I Retain WFP to Serve as a Forensic Expert?

Please contact WFP’s main office to schedule an initial intake. The WFP professional will meet with the potential client or attorney to learn important details of the case and determine whether WFP is a good fit. Based on this meeting, the WFP professional will provide the client with an estimate of the number of hours needed to review, prepare for, and offer a preliminary opinion about the issues being litigated or for which an expert opinion is being sought.

Once retained, we will move forward with reviewing materials and/or interviewing/evaluating the client. Oftentimes our verbal follow up with the attorney on the case is enough for the parties to move forward with a settlement offer or resolution of the case. However, if formal written reports, attendance at depositions, or expert testimony in court are needed, we are prepared and able to assist in those capacities as well.

How We Can Help with Forensic Expert Services

Wynns Family Psychology has a long-standing excellent reputation in the community for providing forensic and expert services to attorneys, courts, and families. Our specialties of child/adolescent development, as well as custody/divorce, ensure that our expertise is invaluable to move clients towards resolution of their issues and settlement.

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