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Parent Workshops
& Special Events

Parent and Professional Workshops

no wimpy parenting workshop parents help cary raleigh nc

We offer a variety of webinars, seminars, and parent groups throughout the year depending on interest. Below is a menu of previous workshops and presentations for and parents.

Our Featured Workshop — No Wimpy Parenting!

In addition to her No Wimpy Parenting Handbook, Dr. Kristen Wynns offers a NWP workshop highlighting the “5 Steps to Taking Your Power back.” Parents are given easy tips for reducing behavior problems, improving compliance, and getting more respect in the home! Learn more about No Wimpy Parenting!


Other Parenting and Family Workshop Topics:

  • Tweens, Teens, and Screens
  • Sibling Strife
  • Sex, Drugs, and Rock ‘N Roll
  • The ABCs of DBT
  • Parenting and Mindfulness
  • Marriage Enhancement and Couples Workshop
  • Mindfulness 101
  • School Survival Toolkit
  • Special needs of gifted children:
    tips to nurture emotionally, socially, and behaviorally
  • Bullying
  • ADHD: Myths and What’s New in treatments and strategies
  • Motivating the unmotivated: Lighting the fire in stagnant students
  • Parenting the child with special needs: Autism, ADHD, Anxiety etc.
  • Co-parenting Do’s and Dont’s
  • Divorce care: TLC for the first year going through a divorce
  • Holistic treatment for anxiety in children and teens
  • How to get Grit! (Resilience and perseverance for our children and teens!)
  • Teen Time Management & Mindfulness Group

Workshop and Presentation Topics for Businesses or Professionals:

  • 4-Part Self-Care for Professionals During a Crisis Series (for organizations or parent groups)
  • 5-Part Series on Mindfulness in the Workplace
  • Recharge and Relax Retreat: Recharging Batteries for Women who are Burnt Out and Stressed (emphasizing self-care, mindfulness, fun, and work/life balance)
  • Preventing Burnout
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Morale boosters (for leadership)
  • Staff workshops available on customized topics such as working with children with behavioral/emotional concerns, helping clients/students who are gifted/learning challenges, etc.
  • Corporate retreats for team building, staff development, executive leadership development*

*Customized workshops and retreats available for corporations, churches, and educational settings. Please email or call 919-467-7777 for more details.



List of Parent Workshops and Professional Events:

Parenting Power group workshop raleigh cary nc

Parenting PowerUp Group!

for Parents; TBA

Overwhelmed with getting back to post-Covid “Normal?” Screen time limits creeping up? Let's get back on track for the Summer! The Parenting Power Up Group offers support for parents, the chance to bond with other parents, and the opportunity to learn about the following topics: The 5 steps to “taking back your power,” avoiding “power suckers” at home, how to get your kids to really listen, ways to intellectually and emotionally engage your child, how to stop yelling and meltdowns in the home, parent stress management, and helping your child with depression and anxiety.

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DBT parent group Workshop raleigh cary nc

ABC's of DBT Workshop

Parents of All Ages; TBA

Are you or your child struggling with managing emotions? Are they often overwhelmed or easily upset? Has your teen expressed a sense of emptiness or confusion? Is there frequent family conflict? Are they struggling in their peer relationships? If so, then Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) might be the answer. DBT is an evidence based treatment modality that can help individuals experiencing difficulties with emotion regulation, impulsivity, stress, and/or adaptive coping. Come join us for a fun and interactive workshop to learn about DBT. The workshop will overview DBT and its benefits and also provide a glimpse into the main modules of DBT: Mindfulness, Emotional Expression, Distress Tolerance and Interpersonal Effectiveness.

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Stress Management group workshop Webinar raleigh cary nc

Stress Management Webinar


Feeling overwhelmed, unmotivated, or having a hard time managing all the changes over these last few months? Feeling out of sorts, tense, restless, or disconnected from others? Join Dr. Brittany Bate for an interactive, 60-minute stress management webinar to learn strategies for managing current and future stressors!

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COVID-19 mental health workshop group Webinar raleigh cary nc

COVID-19 Sanity Check Webinar


Kids driving you crazy? Arguing with your spouse more? Join Dr. Kristen Wynns and Lauren Bowman for a FREE webinar to dust off your core parenting and marriage strategies amidst this unprecedented time!

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children Teens teenagers Screens phones tv video games electronics Parenting group Workshop raleigh cary NC

Tweens, Teens & Screens Parenting Workshop

for Parents; TBA

Do your kids spend too much time watching TV, playing video games, surfing online, or piddling on their phones? Does misbehavior tend to correlate with separating them from their beloved "screens?" Could you use more ideas about how to successfully disengage from these activities and reconnect your children with family and friends? If you're struggling with how much time your tweens and teens spend in front of a screen, come join our Tweens, Teens & Screens Parenting Workshop. Learn how to tell if your child is addicted to gaming, what types of influences screens have on behavior, reasonable time limits, building reward systems, and more!

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Mindfulness Stress Reduction Group for Teens raleigh cary nc

Substance Abuse Workshop

Ages 18+; TBA

Mental and substance use disorders affect people of various ages, gender, race, and ethnicity. These illnesses are common, recurrent, and often serious, but they are treatable, and many people do recover. Learning more about substance use disorders can help you recognize the signs of addiction and how best to seek help. Our Substance Abuse Workshop will teach you how to best support family and friends who may be struggling with addiction.

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Date Night Marriage Retreat group workshop raleigh cary nc

Date Night: A Virtual Mini Marriage Retreat


Join us for an engaging evening of practical tools and laughter! In 2 hours, we'll learn and implement sustainable habits to give your relationship an extra boost. We've designed this interactive presentation to help refresh your relationship, learn new ways of communicating, manage conflict effectively, and create new rituals of connection. So go ahead and reserve that babysitter!

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Summer break child children parenting group workshop Webinar raleigh cary nc

Stop the "Summer Slide" Webinar


Summer is approaching! And without school to keep them busy, or camps to provide an outlet, how do we parents keep our kids growing, engaged, and on-track with their behavior (all while keeping our sanity)? Dr. Kristen Wynns is hosting a webinar to provide parenting expertise with humor and practical suggestions. She'll discuss how to avoid power suckers, negotiations, and feeling helpless when your kids and teens try to run the home. Learn how to keep your parenting power and enjoy the summer with your kids!

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child children behavior teens teenager relationship Parenting group Workshop raleigh cary nc

Sex, Drugs, and Rock & Roll Parenting Workshop

Parents of All Ages; TBA

Ever feel like your child is acting more like an adult than her own age? Concerned about the pics your tween or teen is posting online? Worried that your teen is using drugs or alcohol? Not sure how or when to have “the talk”? Wonder if what music your teen listens to really does influence his behavior? If you’re struggling with how to talk to your tween or teen about some of these topics, then come join our Sex, Drugs, and Rock & Roll Parenting Workshop.

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Holistic Help Child children parenting group workshop raleigh cary nc

FREE Workshop: Holistic Help for Your Child

Parents of All Ages; TBA

Help your child improve attention and anxiety through cutting edge ideas from medical, psychological, and cognitive perspectives. Presenters include Dr. Kristen Wynns of Wynns Family Psychology, Dr. Jack Weber of the Carolina Clinic of Natural Medecine, and Jennifer Huntington of Learning Rx.

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No Wimpy Parenting Support Group Moms parents workshop raleigh cary nc

No Wimpy Parenting Support Group for Moms


Do you feel frustrated and angry with your children? Is there a lack of respect from them? Are rules and warnings laughed at? Are your kids running the show? Moms today have a tough job—the responsibility of raising our children. Because this challenging duty often falls on women, the overwhelming stress of this (in addition to work and home care) can have us wanting to throw in the towel. And despite the need for an outlet, moms are frequently afraid to share their struggles for fear of being criticized. So wouldn't it be great to have a safe place to talk about your struggles and get parenting tips with other women going through the same thing? This special MOMS ONLY group offers support for women and a place to bond with other mothers. But most importantly, it teaches moms about discipline strategies, behavior plans, self-care, stress management, and taking back your power at home.

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Parent Training Group workshop raleigh cary nc

Parent Training Group

for Parents with Children in Grades 2-9; TBA

Do you struggle with a lack of respect from your kids? Do you often feel frustrated and angry with your children? Are rules and warnings often laughed at by your kids? Do you feel like your children are running the show? If you answered yes to most of these questions, you might benefit from "No Wimpy Parenting." Topics will include taking back your power, avoiding power suckers, providing positive attention, intellectually and emotionally stimulating your child, home and school behavior plans, setting rules and limits, rewards, consequences, parent stress management, handling meltdowns and tantrums, and getting on the same page with your spouse. Visit for additional resources or learn more by downloading our Parent Training Group Flyer.

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Sibling conflict group Workshop Parents Kids children raleigh cary nc

Sibling Strife Workshop for Parents and Kids

Grades 2-9; TBA

Do your children have trouble getting along? Is there sibling rivalry? Are your kids constantly turning to you to solve every problem? Would you like them to have a more positive bond? If you feel lost about what you can do as a parent stuck in the middle of sibling conflict, this class is for you! Learn more about our Sibling Strife Workshop for Parents and Kids. You can also check out our article on Dealing with Sibling Conflict and Dr. Wynns discussing how sibling strife affects marriages on the Stay Happily Married Podcast.

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Parenting parents Mindfulness Group workshop raleigh cary NC

Parenting and Mindfulness Group

Parents of All Ages; TBA

Are you feeling constantly overwhelmed with the day-to-day stress of parenting? Are you struggling to create family relationships that are congruent with your values? Are you living with guilt and regret for not always being the parent you want to be? Mindfulness-based cognitive therapy blends modern behavioral psychology with age-old Eastern philosophy to help people find balance and peace in the midst of their hectic lives. The Mindful Parent Group applies mindfulness-based cognitive strategies to help parents increase behaviors congruent with their values and create a more harmonious family environment.

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Kids Children school Remote Learning help group workshop raleigh cary nc

School Survival Toolkit


Overwhelmed with "forced" homeschooling? Don't know where to start with balancing kids "learning at home" and your "working at home?" As parents are absorbing the idea that their children and teens will be attending online school (for at least for the near future), it can be overwhelming knowing how to start preparing. Wynns Family Psychology has a toolkit to help you survive these virtual school times! We have webinars, parent support groups, teen and tween study skills groups, and coaching services. Help is on the way!

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Wynns Family Psychology Annual Celebration party kids children parents mental health raleigh cary nc

Wynns Family Psychology's Annual Celebration

All Ages; TBA

We're proud to have served our community for another year! Come celebrate with us! FREE Snow Cones, Cotton Candy, Kid Friendly Activities, and Giveaways. Register for our FREE Anniversary Celebration here.

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FREE Kindergarten Fair young kids preschoolers early entry entrace readiness testing evaluation raleigh cary nc

FREE Kindergarten Fair!

Spring / Summer 2024

Wynns Family Psychology is hosting our FREE Annual Kindergarten Fair! We're excited to invite families with rising kindergarteners or little ones you're hoping to get into early entry to join our informational fair that includes free virtual kindergarten screenings, raffles, giveaways (digital and physical SWAG bags), and discounts on early entry to kindergarten or kindergarten readiness evaluations.

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