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What Are Social Skills
and Social Skills Groups for Kids?

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Social skills are an important building block in allowing us to communicate, relate, and connect with other individuals. Research has shown that solid social skills have been linked to emotional well-being, independence, and even job success. Social skill groups are designed to help children, tweens, and teens to learn, practice, and master a variety of prosocial skills in a small group setting. WFP offers a warm and supportive environment, where these newly learned skills can be practiced and mastered. Core strategies for teaching skills will be through modeling, practicing, and direct feedback using games, art, videos, music, and role-play activities. Our groups and summer camps are designed to be interactive, educational, supportive, and fun, helping you or your child reach their full potential. Our groups provide kids, tweens, and teens the opportunity to learn and practice skills with peers in a safe, relaxed environment while receiving immediate feedback and coaching.

What Social Skills Are Learned in Our Groups?

Our social skills groups cover a variety of different topics such as:

  • Greeting Others and Joining In
  • Making Conversation
  • Dealing with Bullying and Teasing
  • Using Manners
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Sportsmanship
  • Respect
  • Accepting "No"
  • Boosting Self-Esteem

Social Skills Group Offerings

During the academic year (fall through spring), WFP offers weekly programming for social skills groups. Groups are typically offered in-person, but virtual options are sometimes available. Social skills groups usually meet for eight weeks for one hour and are categorized by grade:

  • Social Sprouts (Pre-K- Kindergarten)
  • BEST Buddies (Elementary)
  • CONNECTween (Middle School)
  • CONNECTeen (High School)

We also offer other speciality group programming throughout the year, so be sure to check out our current specialty group offerings. And for the summer, check out our half-day summer camp offerings.



List of Social Skills Groups:

young children social skills groups cary nc

"Social Sprouts" Social Skills Group

GRADES PRE-K - K: 2024

Does your preschooler, kindergartener, or young child have difficulty making friends, recognizing social cues, or expressing emotions appropriately? Through a series of games, role-play, worksheets, videos, and other acticities and projects, your child will enhance social skills and self-esteem...

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elementary grade school child social skills group cary nc

B.E.S.T. Buddies Social Skills Group

Grades 1-5; 2024

Does your child report feeling bullied at elementary school or in social situations? Has he or she been diagnosed with Social Anxiety, Autism, or ADHD? Or is he or she simply shy or socially awkward? Some children need a little help learning social skills...

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middle school tween social skills group cary nc

ConnecTween Social Skills Group

Grades 6-8; 2024

Has your middle-schooler been described as shy or slow to warm up to people? Does he or she get into arguments with other children or adults? Does your child have difficulty cooperating with the teacher during classroom activities? Perhaps social skills training can help...

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teen teenager life social skills groups cary nc

ConnecTeen Life Skills & Social Skills Group

Grades 9-12; 2024

Does your teen need help expressing emotions appropriately? Are you or your teen worried about the transition to high school and fitting in? Or does your teenager shy away from social interactions? High school can be challenging academically and socially...

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young adult college life social skills cary NC

Young Adult Life Skills Group

Ages 18-21; 2024

Having difficulty relating to family, friends, or coworkers? Do you feel withdrawn or isolated at college? Having difficulty maintaining relationships? Life skills coaching can make these young adult years easier and more successful...

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girls teen social skills group cary nc

Teen Girls Life Skills & Social Skills Group

Grades 9-12; 2024

Does your teenage daughter have trouble communicating effectively? Does she struggle with conflict resolution? Problems with social media? We teach coping strategies, bolster self-esteem and body image issues, teach healthy lifestyle habits, and more...

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girls tween middle school social skills group cary nc

"Girls Only" Middle School Social Skills Group

Grades 6-8; TBA

Does your middle school girl struggle with "girl drama" and "mean girls?" Are you worried about her transition to middle school and fitting in socially? Middle school girls often struggle with social bullying, manipulative friendships, and standing up for themselves...

Learn More >>
boys tween middle school social skills group cary nc

"Boys to Men" Middle School Social Skills Group

Grades 6-8; TBA

Is your middle school boy having difficulty making friends or feeling bullied? Does he have a tough time expressing emotions or controlling his temper? Is your child easily annoyed? Some boys need a little extra help with social skills and coping with anger...

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Social Skills Resources & Articles

Social Skills Groups Resources

  • New Lesson for NC Classrooms: Teaching Social Skills
    Teachers and parents are realizing some children could use help with the simplest of social skills, like greeting a stranger or carrying on casual conversation. The National Association of School Psychologists now includes the training in its...

  • No Wimpy Parenting
    Is There a Difference Between Teasing and Bullying?

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Social Skills Groups F.A.Q.

That is partly why we make a registration form with background questions and a parent-child interview a mandatory part of our groups. We believe spending a little time getting to know the parent and child before the group starts, ensures success for the child and the group. If for some reason, your child is struggling with the expectations of the group, or their behavior is chronically disruptive to the group, we will work with you on a plan (e.g., moving the child to individual sessions for awhile, having a specific incentive or behavior plan for the child, etc.)

Cell phones and electronic devices are not allowed in the group. If you have a teen who is dropped off and has to have their phone, ask them to keep it in their pocket or purse during the course of the group.

We often get “repeat” members who want to continue to fine tune social skills and learn more advanced applications of the skills. Therefore, we change the curriculum and activities each time to keep it “fresh” and engaging for repeat attendees.

The group leader will provide you with individualized written feedback at the halfway point and at the end of group. One reason we keep the groups small is so your child can receive frequent one on one “in the moment” feedback from the group leader(s). Please know that if there is a concern regarding your child’s behavior and/or fit within the group, the group leader will consult with you and attempt to problem solve for solutions.

Parents will get a receipt (also known as a superbill) for all sessions at the end of the group.

As you might imagine, the first night can be somewhat anxiety provoking for new group members. Because of nerves, excitement, and checking in children/teens for the first time, it may feel a little chaotic on night one. During group, leaders recognize some members may be feeling nervous or excited, and typically plan activities to help group members feel more comfortable and get to know one another. Group rules are reviewed and then the specific skills of the day are taught. Since change can sometimes be difficult for some individuals, especially as we are getting to know others, we strongly encourage you to return the following week as tweaks are often made to help improve the group experience based upon the specific group dynamics.

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