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No Wimpy Parenting

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No Wimpy Parenting

No Wimpy Parenting

Founder of "No Wimpy Parenting," Dr. Kristen Wynns is a child psychologist and parenting expert with a private practice in Cary, NC.

No Wimpy Parenting Handbook

Are you frustrated and at the end of your rope when it comes to parenting? The No Wimpy Parenting Handbook is a must-have resource for parents who are tired of having no power in their own homes! This practical handbook is meant to empower parents with easy tips and effective strategies to transform their homes. There is an epidemic of kids running the show and having way too much power in the family. As a result, parents feel helpless, exhausted, and hopeless in their own homes. Dr. Wynns, the author and founder of No Wimpy Parenting™, was inspired to start a movement, daresay a revolution, to empower parents to take back their power! Unlike other parenting books which collect dust on night stands or serve as coasters, the No Wimpy Parenting handbook can be absorbed in a few hours or days! Parents are invited to join the revolution and restore the proper balance of power and authority in the home. The No Wimpy Parenting handbook provides user-friendly tips on identifying power suckers, establishing effective discipline strategies, improving the bond with your children, and getting on the same page with your co-parent. In addition, sample charts, cheat sheets, and discount codes for customized consultations are available. The techniques and advice have already been soundly tested and successfully implemented in many families who have had No Wimpy Parenting coaching services. Do you feel exhausted and overwhelmed by the demands of parenting? Do you think you have tried everything and nothing works to change the unhealthy dynamics in your home? Don't give up! You are not alone. Join the No Wimpy Parenting revolution today!

History of No Wimpy Parenting

In talking with hundreds of parents in her practice, and observing hundreds of parents at playdates, gym class, and out shopping with her kids, she was appalled to see an epidemic of KIDS RUNNING THE SHOW! Dr. Wynns observed mony of the common "power suckers" - parents pleading with their kids to comply, parents repeating commands 3, 4, 5+ times with no success, kids laughing when their parents tried to discipline them... Finally, Dr. Wynns thought to herself, "Enough is enough." She decided to dedicate her career to uniting with parents and giving them motivation, inspiration, and the kick in the pants needed to take their power back.

Through articles, videos, customized behavior plans, and consultations, Dr. Wynns can help YOU get the power back too.



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No Wimpy Parenting Resources & Articles

No Wimpy Parenting Resources

  • Does Long-standing Sibling Rivalry Really Have An Impact On A Marriage?

    So where does sibling rivalry start in the first place? According to academic professionals at the University of Michigan Health System, the most fundamental effect and characteristic of sibling rivalry is jealousy. Constant arguments between siblings create a strong feeling of tension in the household that's felt by everyone. It's also been suggested that rivalry between siblings has...

  • What Do Men Really Want? (It's Not What You Think.)

    There are a lot of stereotypes about men and what they want, and nearly everyone has heard them. But believing that men are as simple as the stereotypes say can make you miss out on more meaningful ways to make him happy and strengthen your relationship together. Do you think you know what men really want out of their relationships?

  • Happy Mother's Day: Making Your Wife Feel Appreciated As A Mother

    With Mother's Day just around the corner, we're all reminded just how important it is to show appreciation for the mothers in our lives. But sometimes we can forget that it's just as important to show appreciation and support for your wife's role as a mother throughout the rest of the year. What are some of the issues mothers deal with on a daily basis that sometimes go unnoticed, and what can...

  • No Wimpy Parenting

    Is There a Difference Between Teasing and Bullying?

  • How Will Infertility Affect Your Marriage?

    Has the inability to conceive created problems for your personal health, relationship with your spouse, or the priorities in your marriage? Harboring guilt or resentment quickly leads to a breakdown in communication that puts your marriage in serious jeopardy. Dr. Christina Rush discusses the emotional and psychological impact of infertility on both the spouses individually and the couple as a...

  • Can Your Marriage Survive A Baby?

    After the excitement of the birth has worn off, infants can place a lot of strain on a relationship. Do you find it hard to devote the time to your spouse and marriage that you used to? Are your children toddlers and now that you have a little more time, you feel like you hardly know your spouse? Dr. Kristen Wynns returns to the show to discuss how you can stay focused on your marriage without...

  • Connecting When You're Expecting

    With a baby on the way, life can become even more hectic than usual and your relationship with your spouse can be one of the first things to suffer. The physical changes can be hard enough to deal with, but what impact do changes in mood, increased responsibility, and the limelight (or lack thereof for dads) of pregnancy have on the relationship? Does the length of time you've been married...

  • Family Meetings – Ugh!

    It would be nice to sit down with everyone for dinner or a discussion, but with everyone’s busy lives, is rounding up the family for some time together even possible? Dr. Kristen Wynns returns to the show to share her tips on working family time into a hectic schedule and discusses the importance of regular family communication (including the kids) on your marriage.

  • I'm Sorry, Really, I'm Sorry

    Apologizing can be a lot more difficult than it seems. Dr. Kristen Wynns joins us to discuss why some of us find it so hard to apologize to our spouses, the impact of always needing to be right on a marriage, why making your spouse believe your apology is for real can be difficult, as well as her 5 steps for a sincere and constructive apology.

  • Coping With Your Child's Behavioral And Emotional Issues

    Children can place stress on any marriage, and when kids are dealing with behavioral or emotional problems, it can often be even more trying on the parents. Dr. Kristen Wynns returns to discuss some of the differences between chronic problems and those that are a natural part of development, as well as what parents can do to make sure the special needs of their children don’t take a toll on...

  • The Effects Of Marital Conflict On Your Kids

    Is conflict in your marriage taking a toll on your children? Even if the arguments take place behind closed doors, they can still impact your kids. Dr. Kristen Wynns discusses some tactics parents often use without realizing the effects and how parents can resolve conflicts in a constructive manner that provides a positive behavioral model for their children.

  • The No Wimpy Parenting Handbook

    An Easy Guide For Reclaiming Your Parenting Power. Are you frustrated and at the end of your rope when it comes to parenting? The No Wimpy Parenting Handbook is a must-have resource for parents who are tired of having no power in their own homes! The No Wimpy Parenting handbook is meant to empower parents with easy tips and effective strategies to transform their homes. There is an epidemic...

  • Let’s Get Physical

    How can your commitment to health affect your commitment to the one you love?

  • Building Trust in Your Marriage—In a marriage, what are the building blocks of trust?

    According to the dictionary, trust is defined as “the assured reliance in the character, ability, strength, or truth of someone or something.” Having it is a critical factor and also the main foundation for any relationship, whether it’s a friendship, a parent-child relationship, or a marriage. Once trust is broken and an individual no longer feels that he or she can rely on their partner, the...

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