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Alexis Crump

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Alexis Crump

Alexis Crump, LCMHCA, NCC

Child and Teen Therapist,
Office Locations: Raleigh, Greensboro NC

Teen Child Therapist Raleigh Greensboro NC Alexis Crump

EXPERTISE & SPECIAL INTERESTS: Children and teens, adults, inner child work, depression, anxiety concerns, life transitions, co-parenting, identity development, social skills development, self-esteem concerns, emotion regulation, adjustment issues, social skills training, and trauma.

Alexis Crump, LCMHCA, NCC, holds a Master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. She has experience working with kids, teenagers, young adults, adults, and couples providing therapy for a wide range of mental health concerns including anxiety, depression, self-esteem issues, emotion regulation, adjustment issues, social skills training, and trauma. She believes that each individual and family is beautifully unique and wants to tailor her practice to meet their specific needs.

Therapeutic Interventions and Behavioral Modifications for Children and Teenagers in North Raleigh and Greensboro NC

Alexis utilizes an integrative approach, meaning therapy will include a variety of methods that will address your unique needs. She believes in working as a team to identify and change your emotions, behaviors, and thought patterns that are no longer providing your desired results. Her goal is to work at a pace that feels safe for you to grow. She aims to utilize your strengths and work on processing your experience and providing you with the tools you need so you can reach your personal goals.

Alexis is attentive to the fact that each and every person is different, therefore their counseling journey starts by building a strong, collaborative relationship. She utilizes reality therapy, acceptance and commitment therapy, and a humanistic approach. Reality therapy reflects clients' ability to make their own choices. Acceptance and commitment therapy teaches clients to develop a different relationship with their mental health concerns in a way that allows them to commit to living according to their values. She works with clients to clearly define and commit to their values and goals. Alexis believes in a humanistic, non-judgmental, therapeutic relationship with clients. She loves getting to know her clients through their own eyes and challenging them to see their strength and value. She uses a strength-based approach to empower her clients to make choices that will help them along their chosen life path.

Social Skills Groups and Summer Camps, North Raleigh and Greensboro NC

Alexis has a background in school counseling with great experience in providing groups for children and teens. Alexis will provide groups throughout the year as well as week-long social skills day camps in the summer. Alexis has found that clients can get a better understanding of their personal situations by exploring other perspectives in group therapy. These groups cover topics surrounding emotional regulation, social cues, boundary setting, relationships with peers, teachers and parents, acknowledging diversity in social circles, social media, bullying, organization, and goal setting.

Alexis attained her Masters degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling and School Counseling from North Carolina Central University. During her time at NCCU, Alexis conducted research on understanding intergenerational trauma. During her graduate school experience, Alexis completed her Master’s-level internship working with adolescents and found a passion for working with children, teens, young adults and their families.

In her free time, Alexis enjoys spending time with her family and friends, binging new shows, listening to podcasts, traveling, and attending as many concerts as she can.

Teen and Child Therapy, Social Skills Groups and Summer Camps, North Raleigh and Greensboro NC

Alexis provides therapy services for children, teens, college students, and adults dealing with a range of social issues, emotional issues, behavior problems, developmental disorders, and other mental health concerns. She also offers social skills classes and /Groups-Camps/Summer-Camps for young children through teenagers. Find out more about Wynns Family Psychology therapy services, child custody services, testing services, and social skills groups.

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