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Amanda Sprague

Amanda Sprague, LPA

Child and Teen Psychologist,
Office Locations: Cary and Raleigh NC

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EXPERTISE & SPECIAL INTERESTS: Children, teenagers, adults, psychological testing, Autism, ADHD, anxiety, depression, learning disabilities, high sensitivity, sensory processing differences, adjusting to change, building resiliency, mindfulness, coping strategies, social skills, problem solving, emotional regulation, study skills, executive functioning.

Amanda Sprague, LPA is a school psychologist and licensed psychological associate. She provides therapy and testing services for children, teenagers, and adults. She also offers group therapy services for kids and adolescents.



Therapy Services for Children, Teenagers, Adults, and Families, Cary & Raleigh NC

Amanda is a neurodivergent-affirming therapist who believes that differences in how we process information can be a strength despite what we may have been led to believe by our society. Neurodivergence includes individuals with Autism, ADHD, sensory processing differences, dyslexia, or any condition characterized by core differences in how you perceive the world. Oftentimes this creates issues with our self-concept leading to feelings of anxiety, depression, self-doubt, and inadequacy. School can be especially tough for neurodivergent kids and teens. Amanda believes in a strong client-therapist relationship, characterized by trust, acceptance, and unconditional positive regard. She helps her clients build resilience through mindfulness which promotes nervous system relaxation. This helps quiet the mind resulting in a sense of clarity, ability to problem solve, and heal.

Psychological & Educational Testing for Children, Teens, and Adults, Raleigh & Cary NC

Amanda specializes in assessing a wide range of disabilities including ADHD, Autism, learning disabilities (such as dyslexia), and intellectual disabilities. Her experience as a school psychologist has given her a strong understanding of learning differences and how they impact school success and day to day life. She values providing in-depth assessments and recommendations that help families and individuals understand and address the unique strengths and needs of the client.

Social Skills Groups for Children and Teens, Cary & Raleigh

Amanda provides group-based therapies, including social skills groups and social skills summer camps to address social concerns for preschoolers, elementary school children, middle school kids, high school teenagers, and young adults.

Amanda obtained her Master’s degree in School Psychology from SUNY Oswego. She has worked in the school system for 10 years running social skills groups, check-in/check out programs, working with students with a range of disabilities, testing for special education eligibility, and providing counseling services.

Amanda enjoys hiking, camping, figure skating, reading, and running in her spare time. She loves animals and spending time in nature.

Child Psychologist, Testing, Social Skills Groups, Cary & Raleigh NC

Amanda provides therapeutic services for teens and adults to assist in dealing with concerns surrounding emotional, social and behavioral obstacles. She offers psychological, psychoeducational, developmental, socioemotional and personality testing and assessments for children, teens and adults. Social Skills Groups and Camps are available for children and young adults that would benefit from a larger social setting. Find out more about Wynns Family Psychology therapy services, testing services, group services, and custody / forensic services.

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