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Dr. Kristen Wynns

Child Psychologist, Parenting, Testing, and Custody Specialist
Office Location: Cary NC

Kristen Wynns - Wynns child psychologist cary nc

EXPERTISE & SPECIAL INTERESTS: Children and teens, parenting and co-parenting, high-conflict divorce, custody, forensic evaluations, family therapy, married and unmarried couples therapy, ADHD, anxiety, Autism, Asperger's Syndrome, Academically Gifted Testing, Child IQ Testing, Educational Testing, Early Kindergarten Entry Testing, Learning Disabilities Testing, behavior problems, anger management, friendships, reunification therapy.

Kristen Wynns, Ph.D., founder and owner of Wynns Family Psychology, is a therapy, testing, and /Custody-Forensics specialist for children, adolescents, teenagers, and families. She holds a Doctorate and Master's Degree in Clinical Psychology and is a Licensed Psychologist. Passionate about working with kids and teens, her therapy services and evaluation services are customized to fit each client's particular needs.


Child and Kid Testing in Cary North Carolina

Dr. Wynns has extensive experience in conducting Psychoeducational Testing, Academic Testing, and Psychological Evaluations, to include child assessments for Autism Testing, Aspergers Testing, ASD Autistic Spectrum Disorder Testing, PDD Pervasive Developmental Disorder Testing, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Testing, ADHD Testing, ADD Testing, AG Testing, Kids Intelligent Quotient I Q Testing, Achievement Testing, Kindergarten Readiness Testing, LD Testing, and Dyslexia Testing.


Teen and Child Therapist, Cary & Raleigh North Carolina

Dr. Wynns is also experienced in individual therapy, family therapy, group therapy, play therapy, and couples therapy. She helps children and teenagers with a variety of common issues such as dealing with divorce, Asperger's Syndrome, Autism, ASD Autism Spectrum Disorders, PDD Pervasive Developmental Disorder, ADHD, ADD, Oppositional Defiant Disorder (ODD), social problems, Bipolar Disorder, depression, anxiety, phobias, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD), and family & school difficulties. In addition, she works with preschoolers and toddlers, helping them deal with sleep issues, eating problems, behavior problems, and fears. Parents and families are frequently integrated into this therapy process, especially when dealing with effective discipline techniques for children. Dr. Wynns is married with two children and understands how challenging parenting can be. So rather than focusing on "fixing" a child, her goals are to help reduce stress associated with emotional and behavioral problems, provide environments in which children can feel comfortable and receptive, and establish strategies that foster more adaptive daily functioning. In addition, Dr. Wynns offers christian-based counseling and parenting services for families with difficult children.


Social Skills Groups and Classes for Children & Kids, Cary, North Carolina

Dr. Wynns runs social skills groups and social skills camps on a regular basis for children and teenagers who have difficulty making friends, connecting to peer groups, or handling anger and frustration appropriately.

Prior to working in private practice in Cary, NC, Dr. Wynns worked at UNC-Chapel Hill's Frank Porter Graham Child Development Center, an Autism group home, a child and family services center, and an in-patient adolescent unit. Dr. Wynns trained at an AD/HD specialty clinic with Dr. Arthur Anastopoulous, one of the nation's leading experts on ADHD Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. She currently provides ongoing supervision for associate psychologists and has led a multidisciplinary team of psychologists, speech therapists, and occupational therapists conducting preschool children evaluations for NC Wake County Public Schools (WCPSS).


Child Custody and Forensic Evaluations in Cary & Raleigh North Carolina

Her dissertation and published research regarding the effects of marital conflict on children has cemented her special interest in working with kids coping with divorce. This concern has led Dr. Wynns to offer specialized consultation services and assessment services for divorcing or separating parents. In addition to comprehensive custody evaluations, Dr. Wynns consults with parents on reducing the conflict children are exposed to during a divorce, helping children through the divorce process (at various developmental stages), visitation, parenting plans, two-home family transitions, coparenting, reunification therapy, and step-parent (and significant other) issues. Dr. Wynns has been qualified as an expert witness many times in courts throughout North Carolina and often testifies about custody and parenting time issues. Learn more about her specialty custody services, parenting plan services, and forensic evaluations.

In addition to her specialty work with children and families, Dr. Wynns has always enjoyed seeing individual adults and couples as part of her practice. She has experience working with a broad range of common adult concerns, such as depression, mood disturbances, anxiety, Adult ADHD, attention problems, weight issues, obesity, relationships, career and educational goal setting, assertiveness, and living a life with meaning. In her professional positions, she has worked with a very diverse client population with regard to racial, ethnic, and socioeconomic backgrounds. Dr. Wynns is committed to making her therapy services and testing services a positive and helpful experience for all clients.

Dr. Wynns is routinely sought out as an expert in the community. In 2014, she became the ongloing Smart Family Advice columnist for the national pulication, All You Magazine. Whether it's providing tips and insights through TV interviews, parenting articles, parenting blogs, marriage podcasts, live radio broadcasts, or parenting newsletters, she enjoys sharing her knowledge about children and families. Dr. Wynns also provides help for families through her No Wimpy Parenting services. Learn more about our psychology resources and media.

In her "free time," Dr. Wynns enjoys training for "crazy" races and triathlons, book clubs, bad reality TV, traveling, and practical jokes. At this very moment, she is most likely plotting her latest prank against one of her poor, unsuspecting associates (assuming she's not in session).


Child Therapy, Parenting, Testing, Custody for Children in Cary, NC 27513

Dr. Wynns provides therapy services for children, adolescents, and adults with emotional difficulties, developmental disorders, and other mental health concerns. Experienced psychoeducational evaluations and psychological assessments are also administered. Dr. Wynns offers a full spectrum of divorce services including marital conflict counseling and helping children cope with divorce. She also provides a variety of social skills groups and social skills summer camps for preschool children through teenagers. Find out more about Wynns Family Psychology therapy services, parenting services, testing services, group therapy services, and custody services.

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