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Bria McDaniel

Bria McDaniel, LCSWA

Child and Teen Therapist,
Office Locations: Cary & Greensboro NC

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EXPERTISE & SPECIAL INTERESTS: Children, adolescents, adults, families, anxiety, depression, ADHD, autism, OPD, trauma, emotional and behavioral regulation, identity, coping skills, emotional intelligence, life transitions, family changes.

Bria McDaniel, LCSWA holds a Bachelor’s degree in Human Development & Family studies with a concentration of child, youth and family. She also holds a Master’s degree in Clinical Social Work. She has experience in providing comprehensive mental health services to elementary age children, teens, and families. Bria works with children and families to develop the tools needed to address mental health issues and neurodivergent conditions such as Anxiety, Depression, ADHD, ADD, OPD, and Autism.

Child and Teenager Therapy Services in Cary and Greensboro, NC

When working with children and families, Bria integrates evidence-based practices such as Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Motivational Interviewing (MI), and Mindfulness to tailor treatment for various mental health diagnoses such as ADHD, Autism, mood disorders, oppositional defiant disorder (OPD), anxiety, and depression. Bria believes in meeting clients where they are by embracing their strengths, challenges, and personal experiences. She is able to foster a collaborative experience to assist clients with obtaining the tools needed to develop a life of purpose, fulfilment, and joy. By understanding that individuals experience things like tragedy, grief, trauma, success, and happiness differently, she is able to provide a space where clients feel they are able to embrace radical acceptance of themselves and their experiences. Bria prioritizes providing a nonjudgmental environment that validates a client's lived experience. When helping clients process their experience, she shares the tools needed to help children and parents vocalize their emotions. Given the challenges that adolescence and child-rearing presents, Bria promotes a strength-based approach to empower children and families to tackle daily obstacles with self-awareness, confidence, and therapeutic tools.

Child & Teen Groups, Summer Camps for Social Skills and Friendships, Cary & Greensboro NC

Bria conducts group sessions on anxiety, emotional regulation, and social skills for children and teens. These services are offered during the year in addition to a week-long summer camp. Bria has found that group therapy allows children and teens to develop social skills through engaging with peers from diverse backgrounds. This promotes the "mirrors and windows" effect where they can see their own experiences and struggles with mental health reflected in others, while also gaining insight on experiences that differ from their own. Coupled with therapeutic interventions, this form of psychotherapy promotes humility, self-awareness, appropriate coping skills, and the tools needed to develop healthy peer relationships.

Bria received her Master’s degree in Clinical Social Work from Boise State University. While completing this degree, she utilized her skills to provide mental health interventions for children, adolescents, and their families in the private practice setting.

When out of the office, Bria enjoys spending time in nature and exploring North Carolina. She believes nature provides a centering experience. And what better state to experience nature than one that can give you Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall in the same day!

Child & Teen Therapy, Social Skills Groups, Cary & Greensboro NC

Bria provides therapy services for children, teenagers, college students, and adults dealing with a range of social issues, emotional issues, behavior problems, developmental disorders, and other mental health concerns. She also provides a full spectrum of group therapy services, including social skills classes and social skills summer camps for children and adolescents. Find out more about Wynns Family Psychology therapy services, social skills groups, and testing services.

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