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Dr. Lori C. Thomas

Dr. Lori C. Thomas - page header image

Dr. Lori C. Thomas

Dr. Lori C. Thomas - page header image

Dr. Lori C. Thomas

Dr. Lori C. Thomas - page header image

Dr. Lori C. Thomas

Dr. Lori C. Thomas

Family Psychologist for Children & Teens,
Director of Forensic Services,
Divorce & Custody Services,
Office Locations: North Raleigh & Cary, NC

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EXPERTISE & SPECIAL INTERESTS: Tweens, teenagers, eating disorders, body image issues, identity and self-esteem, divorce and custody mediation, custody evaluations, family mediation, relationship conflict, friendships, adjustment problems, anxiety, depression, mood disorders, behavior problems, social skills, psychological testing.

Lori C. Thomas, J.D., Ph.D., holds a doctorate in Psychology. She specializes in providing individual psychotherapy services, child assessment services, and child custody services for tweens, teens, young adults, and their families.

Dr. Thomas is the Director of Forensic Services and Practice Development for WFP. The Director of Forensic Services and Practice Development is a senior leader at WFP and works closely with Dr. Wynns, the Chief Clinical Officer, and Office Manager. In this role, Dr. Thomas will be working to expand and develop WFP’s forensic programs, services, products, and providers. Dr. Thomas will also provide internal support to administrative staff and clinical providers to enhance WFP’s processes and practices in forensic matters. Additionally, Dr. Thomas will interface with the larger community regarding WFP’s forensic services. Dr. Thomas will continue to maintain a forensic and clinical caseload.

Dr. Thomas received her bachelor’s degree at Penn State University, her doctorate in clinical psychology from Drexel University, and her law degree from Villanova University School of Law. Having training in both psychology (cognitive behaviorally- & psychodynamically oriented) and law has enhanced her ability to draw from and integrate strengths from multiple perspectives. Dr. Thomas has been active in the leadership of the largest organization for psychologists, the American Psychological Association (APA), and was 2016 President of the Division of Psychologists in Independent Practice (Division 42). She is also a Trustee on the Board of the American Insurance Trust.

Dr. Thomas received extensive post-doctoral training for eating disorder treatment from the Renfrew Center in Philadelphia and has collaborated with primary physicians, nutritionists, and psychiatrists. She has worked with parents and children from a variety of cultural backgrounds, including families that have immigrated to the U.S. and face new challenges (including communication barriers) that hinder their ability to get supportive services for their children. For many years, Dr. Thomas worked for a private behavioral health corporation, where she conducted comprehensive biopsychosocial evaluations for children diagnosed with ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorders, conduct problems, Oppositional Defiant Disorders (ODD), etc. to determine the appropriate behavioral health services.

While Dr. Thomas finds her work with children and teenagers very rewarding, she also enjoys working with adults. In particular, she has experience working with women’s issues, including depression, anxiety, binge eating disorders, anorexia, bulimia, self-esteem, loss, stress, life adjustment, family problems, and relationships. Dr. Thomas works collaboratively with clients and infuses a sense of humor to facilitate a relaxed environment for working through difficult situations. She often solicits feedback from her clients to determine if their needs are being met and has been told that she creates a therapeutic space where differences in perspectives and experiences feel welcome.

Child Custody, Divorce & Separation Services in North Carolina

Dr. Thomas works with parents who have made the difficult decision to separate or divorce. As a family psychologist and mental health expert, her focus is on what is best for the children involved. Dr. Thomas provides custody consultations, Custody Evaluations, custody mediation, forensic services, collaborative coparenting services, parenting plans, supervised visitation recommendations, court testimony, Reunification Therapy, and other divorce and separation services. Dr. Thomas has specialized training as a divorce and custody mediator. She has been a court-referred mediator and provided private divorce and custody mediation services through a large group practice. This includes mediating custody & support and providing couples with written memorandums of understanding (which can be used as a guide for working with an attorney to create a divorce agreement).

Therapist for Tweens & Teens, Psychologist for Behavior Issues, North Raleigh & Cary

Dr. Thomas provides children and teens with therapy services to deal with anxiety struggles, depression, identity issues, body image, general worries, disordered eating, poor self-esteem, and feeling socially awkward. Dr. Thomas believes in developing a unique connection with each child—building strong, therapeutic relationships that foster change and help kids cope with developmental issues, mental health concerns, and behavioral challenges. Working from the principle driven perspective of Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Dr. Thomas assists children with reaching solutions that fit with their family and cultural values. Working with parents, she develops plans to manage childhood behavior problems at home and school.

Psychological & Educational Testing for Children & Teens, North Raleigh & Cary NC

Dr. Thomas has extensive experience evaluating the psychological, behavioral, emotional, and personality function of children and adults.

Psychology Services, Child & Teen Therapy, Testing, Parenting Evaluations, Wake County NC

Dr. Thomas provides psychotherapy services for children, teenagers, college students, and adults dealing with a range of social issues, emotional issues, behavior problems, developmental disorders, and other mental health concerns. She offers custody consultations, Custody Evaluations, divorce mediation, forensic services, coparenting services, parenting plans, visitation recommendations, court testimony, and Reunification Therapy. Dr. Thomas also administers developmental testing, educational testing, psychoeducational testing, kindergarten assessments, and psychological testing for kids, teens, and families.

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