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Jessica Lands

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Jessica Lands

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Jessica Lands

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Jessica Lands

Jessica Lands, LPA

Child, Teen & Family Psychologist,
Office Locations: Cary & Raleigh NC

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EXPERTISE & SPECIAL INTERESTS: children, adolescents, teens, ADHD assessment, Autism assessment, psychoeducational assessment, IDD assessment, anxiety, depression, emotional and behavioral dysregulation.

Jessica Lands, LPA, holds a Bachelor’s degree and Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology. She has experience with assessment services for children and adults, and therapy experience with children and teenagers. She has worked with a wide variety of mental health and behavioral challenges.

Child, Adolescent & Teen Therapy,
Raleigh & Cary, NC

Jessica has therapeutic experience with children and teens dealing with a wide array of challenges and mental health concerns, including difficulties with social skills, stress, anxiety, anger control, depression, mood dysregulation, and ADHD. She provides a supportive environment to clients so they can learn to utilize skills and implement new behaviors to reduce their undesired symptoms and improve functioning. Jessica meets clients where they are to work towards their full potential, and teaches skills along the way that are specific and applicable to a client’s individual needs. She implements cognitive behavioral techniques to assist clients with understanding the connection between their thoughts and behaviors, and motivational interviewing to assist clients with determining their stage of change.

Child, Adolescent, Teen, & Adult Testing,
Raleigh & Cary, NC

Jessica specializes in providing assessment services to children, adolescents, and teenagers. She has a passion for assisting clients through psychological testing and does exceptionally well with children and teens. She has a wide range of experience testing children (as young as 3 years old), and teens for various concerns, including intellectual, academic, and social and emotional functioning. Jessica provides testing services to adults with various needs, including ADHD testing, college or high education assessment, and functioning level for intellectual impairment and autism.

Group Therapy for Kids & Teens,
Social Skills Groups & Summer Day Camps,
Cary & Raleigh NC

Jessica provides a range of therapy groups for children and teens, including social skills groups. She also offers social skills summer camps for children and adolescents. Group settings allow children and teens to learn new skills in an environment with peers, where they can be immediately practiced, refined and reinforced with each other and their leader. These groups are offered throughout the year and cover many issues that help kids develop the skills needed to foster healthy relationships and deal with every-day challenges like self-control, bullying, self-esteem, anger management, and communication issues.

Jessica received her Bachelor’s degree from Fayetteville State University and her Master’s degree from North Carolina Central University. She has provded services for a wide variety of mental health, forensic, and behavioral concerns. Before becoming licensed, Jessica worked at a mental health hospital, working with adults experiencing difficulties with competence for criminal charges, intellectual disabilities, autism, schizoaffective disorders, borderline personality disorder, and neurocognitive disorders. While there, Jessica also provided assessment services to children and adults, and provided intensive in-home services to at-risk children, adolescents, and teens. She taught skills to clients to improve their behavioral functioning and taught their loved ones the skills to build a solid foundation and strengthen their families.

Child, Teen, and Adult Therapy, Testing, and Group Therapy, Cary NC 27513, Raleigh NC 27615

Jessica provides psychotherapy services for children, teenagers, college students, and adults dealing with a range of social issues, emotional issues, behavior problems, developmental disorders, and other mental health concerns. She offers developmental testing, educational testing, psychoeducational assessments, and psychological testing for kids, teens, and families. She also provides a full spectrum of group therapy services, including social skills classes and social skills summer camps for preschool children through teenagers.

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