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What Is Autism and Autism Testing for Children?

autism spectrum disorder aspergers testing child Cary raleigh NC

ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) is a neurodevelopmental disorder that affects how a child develops. There is currently a single diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder (while there used to be 3 types of ASD to include Autism, Asperger’s Syndrome and Pervasive Developmental Disorder). With varying specifiers for level of impairment, and related language or intellectual deficits, ASD is identified as a "spectrum" because people with Autism could have a wide range of symptoms, behaviors, cognitive abilities, and language skills.

Symptoms of Autistic Spectrum Disorder
in Children

Symptoms of Austistic Spectrum Disorder usually appear in early childhood, typically before age three. But in some cases, someone may not be diagnosed with Autism until their teenage or even adulthood years, as their difficulties become more apparent in every-day life. Autism can dramatically affects someone's ability to communicate and interact with others, and kids with ASD often have problems with social interactions, language, and behavior. But because symptoms vary so greatly, two children with the same diagnosis may act quite differently and have strikingly different skills. Autism symptoms generally fall into two categories:

  • Difficulties with social skills and communication
  • Restricted or repetitive behaviors, including sensory challenges

To learn more about Autism in children and review a more comprehensive list of potential signs of autism, please visit our Autism Resources page.

autism spectrum disorder testing children Cary raleigh NC

We Can Help Diagnose Children through Autism Testing

With Autism, diagnosing early is key to the best outcomes. It's important to obtain a formal autism evaluation if there are concerns, to determine if a child meets criteria for a diagnosis of ASD. At Wynns Family Psychology, we can assess children younger than two, as the earlier the identification, the better the prognosis! An evaluation typically involves a parent interview, a child interview & observation, parent & teacher rating scales/questionnaires, and I.Q. testing.

How We Can Help After Autism Testing

While there is no cure for autistic spectrum disorder, intensive treatment can make an enormous difference in the lives of many children! If diagnosed, individual or play therapy, social skills groups, and parent coaching can help teach your child how to interact more successfully in social situations. A consultation with a psychiatrist to discuss medication options may also be helpful in some cases.


Autism Resources & Articles

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Testing F.A.Q.

Call the office (919-467-7777) to schedule the parent consult. This is an in-depth parent-only interview to go over the history, the purpose for your testing, and to ensure the evaluation you choose is designed to answer those questions for you. This meeting provides you with more information about testing so you can make a decision about moving forward (whether you decide in the office or need to think about it/ discuss it first). Your evaluator can help you then with next steps (e.g., cost of testing package, whether parent or teacher surveys are needed) when you’re ready. The cost of this meeting is the provider’s hourly fee.

Because Wynns Family Psychology highly values assessments, we specifically block time on our schedules each week for testing cases. So, when you call to set up a testing appointment, we can typically see you within a week or two. After the evaluation, we generally schedule an in-person feedback session within 3 weeks to discuss the comprehensive report results. Please also note, for evaluations that require parent and teacher surveys, it is important to complete quickly (e.g., by the final day of face-to-face testing is ideal) and to check in with teachers to ensure they’ve completed their paperwork as well. This data is an important aspect of diagnostic decision making and reports can be very long and time consuming. Delays in paperwork can mean delays in results.

When it comes to Gifted Testing, many parents know their child is “bright” but don’t know specific strengths. The I.Q. and Achievement components that comprise our Gifted Testing provide a comprehensive assessment of your child’s cognitive and academic abilities. And once you have the report, you can use it to qualify your child for AIG services to make school more challenging and enriching!

It depends on your specific concerns. Experts recommend when dealing with disorders (like Autism, Asperger’s Syndrome, AD/HD, Learning Disabilities, etc.), the sooner the intervention — the better. With certain disorders such as these, waiting to test (and hoping things will improve on their own) can result in your child’s problems getting worse. If you feel unsure about how to proceed, an in-person consultation is the best and most thorough way to assess your child’s situation. After this meeting, we’ll make recommendations about which tests would be most helpful (or whether one of our other services such as individual or group therapy might be more appropriate). And the price of most consults can be applied toward the cost of our testing packages. Or if you prefer, we’re always happy to provide a free 10-15 minute phone consultation to discuss your concerns and help you determine which path to take.

Parents often have concerns about their child’s academic, social, developmental, or emotional functioning. They know that “something just isn’t right” but can’t put their finger on it. Undergoing a thorough psychological or psychoeducational assessment can provide specific answers about what is (and what isn’t) going on with your child. Many parents see their children flounder in school and their personal lives for years — spending money on tutors and therapists, without ever determining the root cause of the problem. Having a formal and professional assessment not only yields diagnoses and rules out other disorders, it ultimately saves valuable time and money. Additionally, parents often share our reports with their schools to setup an IEP, 504, or Gifted Plan (DEP) with pediatricians and other professionals such as speech therapists, occupational therapists, and tutors.

Our expert evaluation services are administered by experienced, doctoral-level psychologists that know how to connect with kids in a fun and relaxed environment. We help families by accurately diagnosing children with a wide variety of complex and overlapping concerns. And our comprehensive assessments not only uncover the presence of underlying learning, attention, and psychological issues, but also provide in-depth details about each child’s unique strengths, weaknesses, and needs. We take great pride in the quality, accuracy, and timeliness of our assessments. As a result, our solution-focused reports and custom recommendations piece together a child’s complex puzzle and teach families how to deal with ongoing problems. By the end of your feedback session, your family will be equipped with the answers needed to properly address your concerns and successfully move forward.

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